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Field Day 2018 - Combined NADXA & CARC

Our Goals

Be Safe, Have Fun, Promote Ham Radio and Win Win Win Again

Be Safe
Field Day 2018 is in the books [again].  I would like to thank everyone that participated.  There were 32 volunteers that contributed 345.5 hours and 45 visitors including three elected officials, five agency representatives and ten youths (maybe more).  Thank you all  for being safe.  We scored 100%, in this, the most important category.  We were prepared in case of an incident but none occurred.

Have Fun and Promote Ham Radio
There was lots of fun to be had.  We worked together, operated, ate, showed our skills and abilities to the public, visited with some old friends and made some new friends.
What could be better than this?

Win Win Win Again
The bonus points effort got us an improvement from 1,470 last year to 1,490 this year.  Contact points came in with a big score improving from 4,460 to 5,556.  Every operating station improved, averaging 25%.
You outdid any record of ours I could find.  Last year you scored a total of 5,930 points and placed 2nd in “7 land” 1st in Arizona.  This year the total revised score of 7,048 was submitted.  I can’t wait but in the 2018 December issue of QST magazine the ARRL will report the official results for this years effort.  I will post the entry form detailed information for Field Day on the NADXA web and to the Events page of the CocoRadio.Club web site in a couple of weeks.

There are to many people for me to mention everyone individually but to all of the Advisors, Officers, Chiefs, Managers, Leaders, and all who supported them - 
Congratulations for a job well done.

Ron, KG7OH

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