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President AA7DK and W7FYW hard at work logging 40M SSB contacts.
Field Day 2012 was  a joint operation with the Coconino Amateur Radio Club.   We  operated from Fire Station 33 on north HWY 89.  We operated class 2A
with NADXA in charge of the CW and SSB stations on HF.  CARC was in charge of the GOTA station and the VHF stations. This year a specific goal was not set
because we wanted to identify areas we could improve from last year. However, last year we set records in number of contacts as well as total score (7364 points)!
So we had our work cut out for us.   After the results were in, we  beat our score from last year. We had a final score of 8117 points!! 
Congratulations to everyone who participated.
There were a total of 1174 cw contacts and 926 phone contacts, both improvements to last years totals.  That is a total of 2100 total QSOs which bested our previous
high of 2012, set in 2011.  There were a total of 1580 bonus points, which is a major improvement.  The GOTA station did an outstanding job of making bonus points
this year, which was one of the areas we tried to concentrate on improving. W7LUX, NN7D, and W7FYW were responsible for maximizing our bonus points this year.
The published results showed we finished first in several categories.  In Class 2A we finished 1st in Arizona and in the Southwestern Division.  We also had the highest
score for all entry classes in the state of Arizona.  We were 20th in the entire USA in Class 2A and 5th in all classes in the Southwestern Division!  Great job by all!

NN7D helping Justine make GOTA contact

NN7D making QRP contacts Mark and Rich making solar contacts
W2OR in the CW trailer SSB Station CW trailer
KE7FXF and the portable HF antenna he designed


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